The Independent Sponsor Model

Independent sponsors are individuals or groups that seek to acquire, grow and exit one or more businesses for a profit, much like conventionally funded private equity firms.  Unlike their traditional private equity counterparts, however, they don't have a dedicated pool of committed capital at their disposal and are usually required to raise capital on a deal by deal basis.

The most successful fundless or independent sponsors combine the rigor, sophistication and approach of traditional private equity investors, focusing on proprietary deal sourcing, transaction execution, portfolio company monitoring and often invest invest personal funds along-side other investors.

As the independent sponsor model has evolved and become more mainstream, it should be no surprise that many talented individuals with professional investing and operating backgrounds have started venturing out to form independent sponsor groups.  

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Your Value Proposition as an Independent Sponsor

Whether you're speaking to a business owner, an investment banker representing an owner or capital provider, as the lower middle market has become more aware of independent or fundless sponsors, it's become increasingly important to be able to articulate why someone should spend their time or resources on you, an independent sponsor without a committed fund.  


The business owner is generally looking for someone who takes the time to understand his/her goals and business.  The investment bank wants to make sure you can secure the capital and close on the negotiated timeline and terms.  The prospective capital partners want to make sure you know what you're doing and will be a good steward of their capital.

Take the time to determine 

Focusing on High Probability Situations

Looking at highly auctioned companies where the seller is purely price-motivated is usually a waste of time for an independent sponsor.  Targeting specific opportunistic situations can be an effective way to find opportunities at below-market valuations. 

  • Opportunities from small business brokers

  • Broken deals from investment banks

  • Corporate spin-outs

  • Situations where the owner is highly motivated

  • Business owners looking for a successor and some liquidity

  • Business owners looking for guidance on growth and some liquidity

What Should I Do Once I've Identified a Strong Tartget

Making an Offer
Due Diligence
Raising Capital


Value Creation
Value Realization

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming an Independent Sponsor

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Where is the best place to source new opportunities?

What works and what doesn't?

Where should I spend my time?

What are typical independent sponsor economics?


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